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  • Hangzhou Gangjin Chemical Co.,Ltd.

    Hangzhou Gangjin Chemical Co., Ltd. is located in the beautiful city-Hangzhou. It was established in 1996. We are one of the leading suppliers of chemicals in yb1in, specializing in developing and making bentonite products and fine chemicals,owing production base.

    http://www.gangjin.com   /yb1inSuppliers/13594/A1
  • Zhejiang Welldone Chemical Co., Ltd.

    Our main products are: pesticide, acaricide, bactericide,herbicide, and raw material more than thirty varities. Its methrin pesticides include: cypermethrin, alphamethrin,β-Cyfluithrinaythroid, fenvalerate, deltamethrin decamethrin, and fenpropathrin fenpropanate, etc..

    http://www.welldonechem.com/aboutus-e.html   /yb1inSuppliers/14121/A1
  • Changshu Xinhua Chemical Co.,Ltd.

    At present, we mainly produce explosionproof adhesive tape, High temp. resisting organosilicon pressure sensitive adhesive tape, organic membrane paint,water soluble photoresist, and all kinds of fluoride products( PVDF, PCTFE, Copolymer of chlorotrifluoroethylene and VDF, D3F , liquid rubber...

    http://www.csxhchem.com/template/gsjj-en.htm   /yb1inSuppliers/24065/A1
  • Huangang yongan Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd.

    Taurine, Sodium cocoyl Isethionate, Isethionic Acid, N-methyl Taurine,N-methyl Taurine sodium salt, Sodium isethionate etc. pharm. raw materials , surfactants and chemical intermediates.

    http://www.yongangroup.com/index.html   /yb1inSuppliers/33615/A1
  • Shandong Boyuan Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd.

    Main products:Pemetrexed disodium|oxiracetam|(S)Ropivacaine Hydrochloride|Capecitabine|Mitiglinide calcium|Racecadotril|Strontium ranelic|Terbinafine HCL.

    http://www.boyuanpharm.com   /yb1inSuppliers/33175/A1
  • Nantong Baokai Bio-And Chemicals Co.,Ltd.

    we have successfully developed a series of products, including phosphate-free laundry detergent for hotels,trivalent chromium reagents, fluoro-pharmaceutical intermediates and pharmaceutical β-Chitosan, etc.

    http://www.baokaichem.com   /yb1inSuppliers/33629/A1

    EASTCHEM CO., LTD established at the beginning of 2005, is a professional agrochemical company, aims at supplying pesticide via research and development, production, registration and sale. EASTCHEM is driven by market needs, initiated by innovations, impelled by research and development, and committ...

    http://www.eastchem.net   /yb1inSuppliers/35833/A1
  • Hangzhou Baixuhui Import & Export Trade Co., Ltd.

    Hangzhou Baixuhui Import & Export Trade Co., Ltd., founded in 1999, is a leading enterprise specializing in the R&D and production of feed additives, animal drugs, chemical products and fermented products.

  • Hangzhou Zhuoqun Trade Co., Ltd.

    Hangzhou Zhuoqun Trade Co., Ltd. cover about 200,000 square meter, and the architecture area about 100,000 square meter, the general investment about 475,000,000 yuan, the register capital about 100,100,000 yuan. The company engaged in pesticide, pesticide interspaced substance and preparation produ...

    http://zhuoqun.en.chemnet.com   /yb1inSuppliers/36452/A1
  • Zhejiang Baiyun Holdings Group Inc.

    AS a leading company in the same industry, Zhejiang Baiyun Holdings Group Inc. is a science and technical type enterprise specializing in the research, development and production of fine chemicals such as pharmaceutical intermediates. Located in Zhejiang Hangzhou Bay Shangyu Industrial Park, Zhongxi...

    http://www.bywygroup.com   /yb1inSuppliers/36469/A1
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